Become an Ambassador!

We have made it our mission to convince FIFA to organize the Continental Football Cup, but first we need people to become as passionate about this idea as we are. We want this idea to start spreading through the power of social media, and if we can build enough initial support we have grand plans for further action. But for now we need your help in simple ways to get the ball rolling on this major initiative.

If you would like to help, then become an ambassador for the Cup! It’s easy: choose your favourite social media from the right side of this page, or use one of these links: FacebookTwitterGoogle+. You will be automatically re-directed and with just one more click, you can voice your support for this idea and become a member of our group. You can also receive news and updates about our progress, as well as other ways that you can help us accomplish our mission.

We appreciate your support!

Ben & Christoph