(English) 100 Reasons for the Cup (1/10)

#1 The Brits can dodge penalty kicks.

#2 Australia wins the Asia Cup 2015 in Sydney. True, but confusing. In the Continental Football Cup, Australia will support their actual Confederation of Oceania. Anyhow, what a great performance! Congratulations to Australia!

#3 Ever heard of Omar Abdulrahman?

#4 Sample CONMEBOL-Team (Restriction: 2 players/nation):

Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-03 um 19.38.23

#5 Whenever Africa scores, this would happen.

#6 Sample UEFA-Team (1 player / nation):

UEFA#7 Oceania would make a perfect host. Not convinced?

#8 A new tournament for a #NewFIFAnow.

#9 No qualification. As a result: Not a single tournament without the Irish (fans).

#10 A combination of North and Central America? Delicious!!

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